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I don't own any of these songs or series names and these songs, charecters, etc. retain the original copyrights of their owners, just so ya' know.
If these sound a little grainy or staticy, turn down the volume. That should fix the problem. If there's no sound, there is probably something wrong with your connection. Try saving the midi onto your computer and then listening to it, that should fix the problem. Have a midi you'd like to donate? Please send it to me. Thanks!

Songs of Ranma 1/2

OVA Theme

First TV Opening Theme

One of the many ending themes

Little Date (extended version) by Coco

Songs of Tenchi Muyo!

Theme of Ryo-Ohki Opening theme of first OVA

Talent for Love Ending theme of first OVA

Theme of Tenchi Muyo! TV

I'm a Pioneer Opening theme of second OVA

Lonely Moon Closing theme of second OVA

Pretty Samy, the Magical Girl (Mihoshi Special Ending Theme)

Manatsu No Eve

Washu's Lullaby

Aeka's Theme

Ryoko's Theme

Music from Secret of Mana

Battle/boss Theme

Continent Theme

Dark Lich's Theme

Ending Theme

Fortress Theme

Sad Town Theme

SoM Theme

SoM Town Theme


Songs from Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Opening/Closing Theme from the Doom Tree series

Sailor Moon Version 2 Another version of above New!

Alan's Theme Alan's flute music. Short, but beautiful.

Rainy day Man The song 'Rainy Day Man' from the Doom Tree series.

Rainy Day Man Version 2 Similar to the one above, but without those sour notes. New!

Music from Fushigi Yugi new!

TV Opening Theme

Music from Ah! My Goddess!

My Heart I Can't Say, Your Heart I Want to Know New! Donated by Nathan R., as usual. ~_~ Thank you!

Music from Slayers


Breeze Version 2 New!

Give me reason

Jamawasasenai (Give Me Reason, Version 2)

Give Me Reason Version 3, really cool New!

Reflection New!

Music from Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z Theme

? from Dragon Ball Z

Music from Nadia of the Mysterious Seas

Opening theme

Jean and Nadia

Other Music from Other series and things
So much in here is new, I'm not even gonna' bother with the blinking text. ~_~

Galaxy Express 999

Purdyful Background music from Ghost in the Shell

Aoi (Blue)


Evangelion Opening Theme

Ghost Sweeper Megami Theme

Spaceship in the Dark From Project A-Ko

You're Under Arrest Opening Theme

Wounded Heart

Walk On

Lupin III

Lupin III TV Closing Theme

Urusei Yatsura - Beautiful Dreamer

Lum's Pajama Theme Urusei Yatsura - Beatiful Dreamer

My Neighbour Totoro Opening Theme

Macross II Theme


"She Blinded me with Science" The perfect theme for Li'l Washu!!

What is it? Dern it! I know I've heard it before!! Got an answer? Please send it to me. (seifert/at/mosquitonet/dot/com)

Baby Elephant Walk

The Way by Fastball

Olde Music Kinda cool, dunno its name though

Wipe Out!!!

Sweet Dreams

Bard Dance

Mission: Impossible Theme

James Bond Theme

You Sexy Thing By Hot Chocolate

Pink Panther Theme

Pink Panther Theme Version 2

"This Poem Sucks" (Vocal, Mike Myers) a scat song from "So I Married an Axe Murderer"

Collections New!

Game Midis (Zipped, 148 K) Collection of 59 midis from SMRPG, EarthBound, Lufia, FF III, Yoshi's Story, and the Zelda games, ready to be decompressed and listened to by Mac and PC gamers

game Midis (Stuffed, 136 K) The Exact Same archive as above, but stuffed for Mac users who have Stuffit Expander but don't have the Stuffit Engine.

Beatles Midis (Zipped, 229 K) Collection of 39 midis of popular Beatles songs

Beatles Midis (Stuffed, 224 K) Same as above, stuffed

Karaoke (Zipped, 59 K) Popular anime music, in the kar (midi with a twist) format. When decompressed and opened with Quicktime or what have you, there will be a list of highlighted lyrics for you to sing along with as the music plays. Isn't that nice.

Karaoke (Stuffed, 55 K) Same archive, stuffed.

American Pop (Zipped, 91 K) Ten popular american songs (and not so popular ones) for your listening pleasure.

American Pop (Stuffed, 88 K) What do you think? ~_~

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